[Videograime] Project

Portuguese Version
One of the the projects I’m working on is to create a portable device to play games, so I can kill time while I’m on a time-blocking situation, like waiting on the airport, bank line or when my girlfriend takes a little longer to get ready.

Of course I could use my tablet (actually, I do), but is not the same experience as playing a portable videogame like PSP or GameBoy. So I raised the requirements and created a project that I call Videograime.

I know I’ll learn a lot with each challenge I face, and I intend to write here everything useful during this quest.

The Requirements:

  • Portable
    • Run on batteries
    • Small, like a PSP
  • Run retro plataforms. At least:
    • SNes (Super Nintendo)
    • Game Boy
    • PSX (Playstation 1)
  • Use SNes or PSX buttons. No noisy-push-buttons.
  • External speakers and headphones out.
    • Speakers should mute when headphones get plugged in.
    • Volume control.

Requirements out of first version:

  • Analog stick.
  • Screen brightness control.

No different from the references, the choice was to use a Raspberry Pi as platform to run the emulators. After a quick search I realized that the software part will have a great head start, since there is a project called RetroPie, that is a Raspberry Pi image with all the emulators already installed, among other cool things like a interface to config and start all the emulators.


Ben Heck
Kaushlesh Chandel
Mr Walkway


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